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Staging Testimonials from Agents & Homeowners

I was touring a home and couldn’t help but notice the outstanding and high end job that was done on the staging. It was really impressive. I made it a point to find out who the staging company was and that is what led me to The House Whisperers and Janne Anderson Burgio. I immediately had her stage a home for me in La Costa where she did a better job than I could have hoped, at a great value for the quality, and I sold the home in less than 10 days and near full price. I have worked with a lot of stagers but I haven’t run across anybody whose inventory is this deep and this current.
— Daniel Beer, Windemere Homes, Rancho Santa Fe,

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Janne did a spectacular job staging one of my older vacant properties. Within 48 hours of signing the contract, the house was staged and looked AWESOME! And the seller was thrilled! Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with!
— Linda Sansone, Agent, Willis Allen/Christie's, Rancho Santa Fe
Linda Sansone   

Linda Sansone


Janne has consistently transformed dozens of our client’s homes over the years, both occupied and vacant, into warm, comfortable atmospheres that reflect the style of each home. Her staging gives our listings the WOW factor they need and results in more people viewing our listings, generating serious interest so that we are able to negotiate a higher sales price than competing homes. Whether you are a homeowner, agent, or investor, there’s no question— EVERY seller should take advantage of Janne’s staging to achieve a higher return.
— Cay & Carly Bohnsack, Agents, Sotheby's
Cay Bohnsack and Carly Ferry

Cay Bohnsack and Carly Ferry

As Senior Vice President of Operations for PGI Investments, my company has been using Janne Anderson Burgio and her company The House Whisperers to stage our investment properties for more than three years. We turnover and stage approximately 35 houses per month and can count on Janne to get our houses staged quickly and effectively. She has the staff, stamina and wherewithal to work the long hours necessary to meet our impossible deadlines, the flexibility to work around our construction staff and their constantly changing schedules, and fulfills our every last request in this exceedingly fast-moving business. Her contribution to making our homes appeal to the widest range of buyers and sell quickly has proved invaluable to our business model. The House Whisperers helped us accomplish over $100 million in home sales last year and we very highly recommend Janne to you for all your staging and interior design needs.
— Glen Powles, Senior VP Operations, PGI Investments

First and foremost, before we talk about the next staging job, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart—and my clients feel the exact same way—you have literally increased the value of our properties with your incredible staging talent. This has brought higher sales prices, and don’t forget, shorter market times for all of my clients. Thank you...thank you...thank you! Please give me a call and I’d love to talk about our next job together.
— Ruth Pugh, Century 21 Award
Ruth Pugh

Ruth Pugh

I had a townhouse that was ordinary. With Janne’s staging, it became extraordinary. Two days after staging, it was in escrow! Pricing was very reasonable and Janne treated my listing as if it was a multi-million dollar property. I recommend Janne whenever the situation arises. She is tops in her field!
— Tricia Clarke, Agent, Willis Allen Company, Del Mar

You turned a disaster into a dream home!
— Joann Austin, Agent, Willis Allen Company, Del Mar

Janne is professional, talented and efficient! She was able to transform a listing of mine within 24 hours of our initial meeting. Her sense of style and creativity is terrific and the response has been wonderful.
— Susan Rodriguez, Agent, Willis Allen Company, Del Mar

In my real estate business over the years I’ve learned that buyers can fall in love with a home within the first 30 seconds of walking through the front door, so first impressions are paramount. Janne and her professional team at The House Whisperers have provided my listings with fabulous and unforgettable first impressions. She creates the necessary “wow factor” to get the home sold for the best possible price. Many stagers use outdated color palettes and old style décor, but Janne combines sophistication with current interior decorating styles to creates “lifestyle vignettes” that help buyers visualize themselves in the home. In addition to the high level of service and top-notch product they provide, the statistics regarding staging results are outstanding. Did you know staged homes sell 86% faster and for 10% more than their unstaged competition! I highly recommend Janne and her team at The House Whisperers.
— Jenn Blake, Agent, Pacific Sotheby's International
Jenn Blake

Jenn Blake

In just one day, Janne’s team brought in furnishings and updated the look of a listing I had in La Jolla. I received multiple offers and the property was in escrow in a matter of days. I highly recommend Janne. I consider her staging an invaluable tool and money well spent when marketing a listing.
— Marianne Sharghi, Agent, Coldwell Banker, Del Mar

Janne Anderson Burgio is FABULOUS. She has a huge selection of staging furniture, and isn’t one of those housewives who decided staging would be fun. She really knows what she is doing, but she doesn’t charge Parker Rose’s $20,000 fees. She’s also a licensed real estate agent so she knows what is needed and understands the importance of speed. She can do the “light staging thing” or the whole kit-and-caboodle. You will love her!
— Cyndi Stetson, Agent, Willis Allen Co, Rancho Santa Fe
Cyndi Stetson

Cyndi Stetson

We were very fortunate to have Janne recommended to us to have our home staged for selling. We had an open house on a Sunday, and by Tuesday we had five offers. It sold for more than asking price within six days.  We know Janne’s creativity and beautiful furnishings added a “wow” factor that was the finishing touch and made the sale. We highly recommend Janne’s services.
— Bob and Cathy Richardson, Homeowners, Escondido

Thanks for a PAINLESS job done well that added the perfect touch!
— Cyndi Stetson, Agent, Willis Allen Company, Rancho Santa Fe

Janne, the house looks wonderful. Anyone selling a home should absolutely consider your staging. Thanks for all that you do. You are a true professional.
— Dan and Barbie Spinazzola, Homeowners, Fairbanks Ranch

After being impressed by several of Janne’s own homes which she either remodeled and/or did the interior design, I asked if I could hire her to help with my house. She helped eliminate confusion in choosing countertops and appliances and we are thrilled with the results. She also accessorized my new kitchen and several other areas of my home and I feel she’s a true visionary when it comes to making a home both beautiful and functional. As a real estate agent, I would not hesitate to refer Janne to my clients and friends for any aspect of staging or interior design.
— Linda Lyles, Agent & Homeowner, Independence Realty

I met Janne Anderson Burgio at the Rancho Santa Fe Spring Luncheon tabletop competition, a charitable affair. I was in charge of decorating a ‘Cake Boss’ table and she was next to me creating magic with ‘junk!’ Actually, she used materials that were going to be sold at a community rummage sale the next weekend. Her table was UNBELIEVABLE. It was 10-12 feet tall and fit for the front cover of a magazine. Then she put together a second table with rich reds, golds and a pearly coastal theme that was the only one to be featured in the local newspaper. I was struggling with a few aspects of my table, and even though this was a ‘competition,’ she happily jumped in and helped me. Later that day, I told Janne that we had recently moved here and I asked jokingly if she could come transform all of my ‘junk’ into something beautiful! She said, “Absolutely, that’s what I do for a living!”

Fast forward...I have been using Janne for decorating over the past two years. My home had most of its couches, draperies, etc, but it needed all of the warm touches that make a house feel like a home. Janne met with me, asked about how we live, what we like to do, and more, then came in and finished off our main house as well as transforming our outdoor areas, guest house, and my husband’s home office. She helped add interest, personality, elegance, and touches of whimsy throughout. A few examples: The upper display cabinets in the kitchen—which I couldn’t figure out what the heck to do with!—now contain an amazing collection of vintage cookie jars set out in great vignettes! Janne rearranged furniture, hung pictures in better places, moved things in ways that sometimes made me very nervous at first, but always looked great in the end. Plus, she is easy to work with!

I have worked with high-end designers in Seattle, Connecticut, and New York over the years. The thing I love about Janne is her ability to shop while keeping a mindful eye on budget, getting things done quickly, and yet still making things look amazing. She is a very talented artist. I entrusted Janne with my credit card and a cash budget, and she shopped like mad, came home with carloads full of stuff, placed it, designed her heart out, and transformed our home. We even had Janne ‘do’ our Christmas decorating (AND my husband’s 50th birthday party) and she combined our beloved traditional family elements with new, festive, and exciting items that updated our holiday look.

Janne is a true joy to work with...
— Michelle Hansen, Homeowner, Rancho Santa Fe Covenant

As an investor balancing a tight budget and keeping a close eye on where money goes, I found Janne’s flexibility and willingness to work with me to be of enormous benefit. She and her team are the hardest working people in the industry and did an amazing job transforming what was a relatively modest house into a beautiful home. There is no doubt that her touch is what sold the house so quickly and we look forward to working with her in the future.
— Braden Clemeshaw, Investor, Renew Ventures, LLC

Thanks so much for staging our house for sale. This is the 3rd house we’ve sold in the last 10 years, so I am speaking from experience when I say your beautiful staging of our home made a noticeable difference in both the appearance of our home as well as the quantity and quality of offers. The process went smoothly thanks to you and your team. We received our first offer within 24 hours, and the offers kept coming in till we sold!
— Rich & Kristi, Homeowners, San Elijo Hills

Janne’s the best! Even a hands-on perfectionist like me had no problem turning everything over to her, she instilled such a sense of confidence. Janne transformed my house with her sense of style and her right-on suggestions about what I should do to get ready to sell—from replacing baseboards to changing the color of doors to installing new cabinet knobs. My house looks so great now that I’m sitting here wondering why I’m selling it! Oh, that’s right, I have to. Confident that what Janne did makes my house as saleable as can be, I already went out and bought another one! Thanks, Janne.
— S. Thomas Todd, Homeowner, Poway

In a matter of hours, Janne turned a Del Mar home (that was not at all an attractive property) into a masterpiece! She then spent an hour with me at a local store helping me pick out some items for my office. When I walked back into my office a few days later, it too had been transformed into a magical workspace. I also had her stage another client’s furnished home that needed more rearranging and accessorizing than full staging, and my client was so happy when her house went into escrow in a week’s time that she ended up buying most of the items Janne brought to stage her home. And, my client has also hired Janne to do her new home when she moves in! Janne doesn’t use old staging furniture either. Most things seem brand new and everything works very well together. If it doesn’t have just the right feel, Janne just keeps looking for whatever pieces she needs to bring it all together! The House Whisperers is worth every penny and then some!
— Vicki Podwell, Agent, Sotheby's Pacific Realty
Vicki Podwell

Vicki Podwell

At the recommendation of my agent, The House Whisperers staged my home just prior to putting it on the market. This was my family’s older home with spectacular views on a prime piece of property in La Jolla. Even though it was quite dated, I didn’t want to do a remodel because I knew the new owners would probably want to come in and rebuild to their own taste, but the house just didn’t show well at all. Because it was staged, it got the attention it needed to sell quickly; the house was only on the market a matter of days! I feel that staging definitely contributed to the quick sale because it enabled buyers to envision the possibilities and great potential of the property. I would recommend anyone who’s selling in this brisk market to rise above the competition with staging by The House Whisperers.
— Scott Glenn, Homeowner, La Jolla

Janne and her team did an amazing job transforming our house into a model home. Because of her work, we received multiple offers and were in escrow within a week of listing! You can’t go wrong with Janne. She has the ability to make the ordinary look extraordinary.
— Ruth & Ted Schraven, Homeowners, Rancho Penasquitos

I have had Janne stage several properties for me. She did a wonderful job on all of them and we were able to sell them at or near full price in a short period of time. My sellers were all very impressed with the transformation. Janne’s home staging really made the difference.
— Steve Roth, Agent, Willis Allen Del Mar

Janne has a wonderful sense of style and an incredible eye. Her ability to conceptualize a room and to source unique pieces is a true gift. She is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and work tirelessly to do what it takes to make things work. Working with Janne was a joy, and we were absolutely thrilled with the results in our home.
— Shilpi Gowda, Homeowner, Rancho Santa Fe Covenant
Shilpi Somaya Gowda, Best Selling Author of "Secret Daughter" and "Golden Son"

Shilpi Somaya Gowda, Best Selling Author of "Secret Daughter" and "Golden Son"

Janne, I wanted to write and let you know what a valued asset your staging has been for my listings. What you did for my Queen Anne Victorian, was awe-inspiring. You transformed the property from looking like a stiff museum, to a fabulous place for someone to live, entertain and enjoy. In the past you’ve done several of my other properties and your work has always been wonderful, but on this last property, you really out did yourself—thank you so much! I would and continue to recommend you to all my clients and other agents. Just don’t ever get too busy for me; you’re a vital part of my listing and sales team! Warmest regards.
— Traci Bass, Agent, Coldwell Banker, Rancho Santa Fe

Thank you for the exceptional work your company did on staging my listing in Clairemont. There is no doubt that the staging for this property was key in getting is sold in the manner that we did. You applied all the right décor in the right locations to fit the home and its own personality. I appreciate all your efforts in working with my clients both in the beginning and at the end. I will definitely be calling you in the future to stage more of my listings.
— Tony Hanggie, Real Estate Consultant & Mentor, Pacific Sotheby's


The House Whisperers transformed my listing into a beautiful showplace that I hope for a family to call home very soon! They did exactly what was asked of them and were on time and on budget. It was a great experience!
— Marti Gellens-Stubbs, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties
We specialize in high-end homes and have been top producers in residential real estate for many years. We’ve had experiences with a variety of staging companies, but I can honestly say that working with The House Whisperers has been an exceptional experience. We have found the quality of the furniture to be superior to others at a price that is affordable to our sellers or ourselves if we elect to pay for the service. Most importantly, the results that we have seen as a result of staging with The House Whisperers have been impressive. And, to top it all off,
the entire team is professional and easy to work with. We are exceedingly happy with our experience and would recommend them
to anyone!
— Patty Cohen, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties
I took a listing that had previously been unstaged and on the market with another broker. The House Whisperers staged it in less than a day and we had it in escrow in only three days! My experience with The House Whisperers exceeded my expectations and they are a blast to work with!
— Todd Randal Bloom, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties
Thank you to The House Whisperers for another perfectly staged home. In our business, it’s important to get everything right the first time. I love the quality and variety of their furnishings. Not to mention, my listings they stage sell in a week!
— Erin Savitch, Coldwell Banker

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