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Whether sanctuary or showpiece, interior design that makes a house your home. Timeless. Livable. Remarkable.

Janne Anderson Burgio, CEO of The House Whisperers, LLC

Janne Anderson Burgio, CEO of The House Whisperers, LLC


BREAKING NEWS! Janne Anderson Burgio, CEO of The House Whisperers has just been nominated as one the Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging! She also won 2017 Top 10 Professional Home Stager of the Year Award at the National Home Staging & Redesign Association Summit. The House Whisperers won Best Staging Team in HSRA's 2017 Pacific Regional Staging Staging Awards, and 1st Place Master Bedroom in Aspired Home Real Estate Magazine. Other awards include 2016 Vacant Stage of the Year and 2015 Top 5 Professional Home Stager of the Year

The House Whisperers was founded by Interior Designer and Award-Winning Realtor Janne Anderson Burgio. Janne is a RESA-PRO™ home stager, not a staging hobbyist. A RESA-PRO™ home stager is a dedicated full-time home stager that is held to the highest standards of business, ethics and integrity. Janne was recently a featured expert speaker at the HSRA Home Staging Success Seminar. She's been a featured expert on ESPN Radio's Real Estate Show where she graciously shared her many insights and she's given her Secrets of A Stager presentation to thousands of real estate agents to help keep them abreast of the best standards and practices in the staging industry, so they can streamline commissions, and help their clients make the best possible decisions so they don't leave money on the table when selling.

During the Great Recession, Janne saw an opportunity to help sellers achieve quicker and more profitable sales by staging properties with distinct—but affordable—flair. Fast forward 13 years and The House Whisperers does more than 300 projects a year for some of Southern California’s most successful quick-turnaround investors, top-producing real estate agents, and homeowners. The House Whisperers reputation is that they make properties memorable. When a buyer sees a half-dozen or more properties in a day, it's important to make yours stand out. Seven-figure revenues and sales statistics that can't be beat—averaging between 5 and 20 days on market over the last year—make The House Whisperers a leader in the industry and one of the more prolific and successful home staging companies in the country.  

Buzz built, word spread, and the company now also has a growing private interior design business and has had the pleasure of working with many delightful and inspiring clients including tech magnates, professional athletes, movie studio execs, and internationally-known celebrities.





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Staging is now the standard for getting homes sold faster and for more money in today's busy real estate market. Sellers are often up against professional flippers and new construction, so it's imperative to do everything possible to make a house look magazine-worthy and provide that model home experience. In fact, the House Whisperers has helped corporate flipper clients achieve more than $100 million a year in home sales. 

The latest Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) statistics show that staged homes sell 90% faster and for 10% more than their unstaged competition, so a growing number of agents and sellers wouldn't even think of putting a house on the market without getting it staged first. Investing in staging typically costs less than a month's holding costs.*  But most compelling, the cost of staging is far less than the first price reduction! 

* can include mortgage payment, HOA fees, utilities, taxes, maintenance, etc.

Why hire The House Whisperers?

  • Our average days on the market for June, traditionally the busiest month for real estate, 2017 was just five days; for all of 2018, our average days on market including all the multi-million dollar listing was only 20 days, and we're trending at only 8.5 days for first quarter 2018.
  • Our pricing is right at the average among San Diego staging companies, but because we are interior designers, our product is top-notch
  • We have a dedicated customer service department ensuring a smooth and easy transaction.
  • Because we have 3 warehouses and own all our own inventory, our prices are not driven by the high prices of rental furniture and we can stage up to 100 houses at any given time
  • We take into account the style of the home, the area, the price range, and stage accordingly
  • We can stage up to 100 homes at any given time and on very short notice, usually within a day or two
  • We take all major credit cards or payment via ACH

Did you know we not only stage vacant homes, but occupied ones as well? What we do to make an occupied/furnished house into a dream home:

  • Supplement with whatever furniture and accessories are needed to update the home to give it the look today's buyers want
  • Make rooms appeal to the widest range of buyers
  • Streamline and make furniture arrangements welcoming and camera-ready
  • Create that evasive "Wow Factor"
  • Start the process of helping sellers let go of a property emotionally so they can move forward more effortlessly to the next phase of their lives
  • Create an environment that's buyer friendly 
  • De-personalize home, put it in top-notch order throughout, take away anything that screams yesteryear, and make it sparkle
  • Eliminate flaws, objections, and deal breakers while emphasizing architectural focal points

Contact us today for a Complimentary Quick Quote at 858-335-9577.

Not sure what cosmetic changes to make before listing? A Staging Consultation is available for $300. Includes pre-staging suggestions, contractor referrals, flooring, paint and color consultation.



Interior Design

Regardless of your budget or design style, we can create a home that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you budget is high or low, we'll bring the style!


Pricing upon request

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Seasonal Decor

Want to elevate your tired Christmas decor to something more current? Whatever the season, and whether your look is traditional, modern, or something in between, we can work within your budget to create a spectacular setting for any holiday.







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