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Inexpensive staging that looks anything but.

Whether sanctuary or showpiece, interior design that makes a house your home. Timeless. Livable. Remarkable.

Founder and Lead Designer of The House Whisperers, LLC, shown here at an 8,500 square foot design project in Rancho Santa Fe.

Founder and Lead Designer of The House Whisperers, LLC, shown here at an 8,500 square foot design project in Rancho Santa Fe.


Breaking News! The House Whisperers won Top 5 Stager of the Year at The International Home Staging & Redesign Association Summit & Awards!

The House Whisperers was founded by Interior Designer and Award-Winning Realtor Janne Anderson Burgio. She's been a featured expert on ESPN Radio's Real Estate Show where she graciously shared her many insights, and she's given her "Secrets of A Stager" presentation to thousands of real estate agents to help keep them abreast of standards and practices in the staging industry so they can help their clients make the best possible decisions when preparing their homes for sale.

During the Great Recession, Janne saw an opportunity to help developers, real estate agents, and homeowners achieve quicker and more profitable sales by “staging” properties with distinct—but affordable—flair. The House Whisperers now stages more than 250 houses a year for some of Southern California’s most successful quick-turnaround investors, real estate agents, sellers, and development companies making it one of the more prolific home staging companies around.

Buzz built, word spread, and the company now also has a growing private interior design business. With projects in San Diego County, Orange County, the desert, and Los Angeles, The House Whisperers' client list includes high profile celebs, international builders, movie execs, best-selling authors...and now, hopefully, you!






Staging is the new standard for getting homes sold in today's busy real estate market. When selling, you're up against professional flippers and new construction, so it's imperative that you do everything possible to make your house look magazine worthy. More importantly, most agents and sellers wouldn't even think of putting a house on the market without getting it staged first because staged homes sell 90% faster and for 10% more than their un-staged competition. Staging costs far less than a month's holding costs including house payment, HOA fees, utilities, taxes, and maintenance. And, even more compelling, the cost of staging is far less than your first price reduction! 

Why hire The House Whisperers?

  • Many high-end stagers charge between 1 and 3 percent of the anticipated sales price. We are expert at providing inexpensive staging that looks anything but!
  • We are professional designers and our product is top-notch.
  • We take all major credit cards.  
  • We have electronic lockbox access so real estate agents can focus on marketing the property and don't have to waste time meeting us.  
  • We can usually stage any house within a day or two.  
  • We helped our corporate flipper clients achieve more than $100 million in real estate sales last year, so we know what works and what doesn't. One top agent who has done more than $1 BILLION in real estate sales in his career said "The House Whisperers are the only stagers who do it right!"
  • There are two schools of staging thought. Most stagers subscribe to a very bland style of staging--old school! The houses we stage sell faster because we don't just put generic staging in them, we custom-stage each house, adding more "wow" factor, sophistication, and create "lifestyle vignettes" that help potential buyers buy into the idea of living in that particular home. We are expert at highlighting the best architectural features of the home, eliminating flaws, and creating an environment that makes the buyers feel like they're on perpetual vacation!
  • We have staging in around 70 homes at any given time, so we'll send you a list if you'd like to see our work in person.

Unlike many stagers, we not only stage vacant homes, but we do redesign of occupied ones as well. How we make an occupied/furnished house into a dream home:

  • UN-decorate
  • Make furniture arrangements welcoming
  • Streamline and create that evasive "Wow Factor"
  • Create an environment that's buyer friendly
  • Eliminate flaws, objections, and deal breakers
  • Put in top-notch order
  • Make it sparkle
  • Make it homey
  • Add whimsy to make it fun
  • Emphasize architectural focal points
  • Make rooms both feminine and masculine
  • De-personalize
  • Give it the look buyers want
  • Take away anything that screams yesteryear
  • Give it today's appeal
  • Add lifestyle vignettes to subliminally convey an atmosphere of abundance and celebration

Contact us today for a complimentary Quick Quote at 858-354-8187. Not sure what cosmetic changes to make before listing? A Staging Consultation (sometimes called a Walk'n'Talk) while agents or owners take notes is available for $200 for up to an hour. It includes pre-staging suggestions, contractor referral, flooring and paint consultation.



Interior Design

Regardless of your budget or design style, we can create a home that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you budget is high or low--we'll bring the style!

Appointments and Rates on Request

Seasonal Decor

Want to elevate your tired Christmas decor to something more current? Whatever the season, and whether your look is traditional, modern, or something in between, we can work within your budget to create a spectacular setting for any holiday.







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